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Client Testimonials

I love working in real estate, and it shows. Here are some testimonials from past clients.

My husband and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work you have done in selling our house here in Edmonton. I guess the incredible online presence and the diligence you put in made sure there was never a shortage of potential buyers wanting to see our house. We suspect that your wealth of experience in the Edmonton real estate market and the team of professionals that have worked hand in hand with you have made your business run smoothly and effortlessly. We don’t know what we would have done without you. Jay and Ashley – Home Sellers


It is the summer of 2011, my cousin and I were still grieving but we had to face the frightening task of selling my father’s house following his death. The house was fundamentally beautiful, and it was situated on a lovely piece of land in Edmonton. Although the years of neglect made it look horrible. Ryan took on this project with astonishing speed, efficiency, elegance, and grace. The house was prepped and was ready in 2 weeks. The sale was closed in a couple of months which was simply outstanding. To anyone who wants to enjoy a smooth, satisfying, and profitable home-selling experience, you can count on Ryan to take care of it all. Thanks, Ryan. Amber Letendre -Home Seller

Ryan did an outstanding job for us. Ryan was very thorough, he did his homework, and he even provided us with a thorough review of the Edmonton real estate market. In addition, he was one of the nicest realtors we have ever met. He set us up with a nice condo, he took care of the financing concerns and all we had to do was sign at the dotted line. Ryan is a great guy and as a realtor he knows his stuff. We love this spot he picked for us, the community is wonderful. Elena and Harp Rahkra -Home Buyers

Thank you VERY much to Ryan! We were VERY impressed working with you. In our 43+ years together, we’ve bought and sold many homes. We have worked with realtors who were good and we have also had the unfortunate experience of working with the bad ones. You were by far the VERY best and we appreciate all you’ve done for us. We LOVE the people in the community. The house is VERY beautiful and we LOVE that too.  Tiago and Adam – Home Buyers

I very much appreciate the professional handling of my first home purchase. The inspections were quick and he personally checked on house the moment the guy who owned it vacated. I am so glad I picked him. Ryan was awesome, he made me feel welcome and respected. I was especially pleased that he went above and beyond to get me the financing I needed and I should be able to afford it and have money to spare for some girly improvements. Caitlyn Jeffries – Home Buyers

Ryan is an excellent realtor, he helped me in buying a condo in Edmonton last November. He had a cool vibe, he wasn’t pushy and he did not stop working my case until he knew I was pleased with the condo he picked for me. It took a few tries but after a few weeks, he hit the jackpot and I was soon settling into my new home. The holidays were wonderful as I spent them with family at my new home. Ryan, thank you.  Keith Decu – Home Buyer

We were very pleased with the ethical professionalism Ryan showed us during the entire process of selling our home. Ryan was a very down to earth person and made the difficult task of listing and selling our home a pleasant experience. We were equally impressed with the listing package which was perhaps a major reason for the speedy sale of our home. All questions were answered completely and thoroughly and we jumped right in. Ryan also arranged everything for our new home in Edmonton and synced them perfectly. We moved out and moved in all in the same week. Outstanding work, thank-you.  Darla Senkow – Home Sellers

I’d like to say thanks to Ryan for efficiently marketing and selling my home. Upon the suggestion of a friend, I turned to Ryan for help. He lived up to everything I was told by my friend. He kept me informed and up to date throughout the process but it did not take long before the house was sold. The advertising package I signed up for and the open house strategy, along with his all-out attention sealed the deal in a matter of 27 days. All the necessary details were well all cared for, making it an quick and easy transaction. I’ve made a friend whom I’d recommend to anyone. Ryan is the best. Adrienne and Lucas Matheson – Home Seller and Home Buyer

Ryan is a responsible, professional and competent realtor. He is the best Realtor I have ever dealt with and I have dealt with many. Thanks to a friend of mine, I met up with a guy I can trust. I was delighted with his services. It only took 23 days for him to find a buyer. Thank you Ryan for all your help. Vi and Scott Konkle – Home Sellers

We have gone through the sale of houses over the past 30 years, most have been pleasant and some were just messy. Ryan was completely at a different level than these other characters. I can say with certainty that I have had the best agent experience ever and I will be taking on his services for future sales. His property listing package and the use of various professionals has definitely contributed to the best real estate experience we have ever had. It only took a month and he got us a great price too.  Rebecca and Tommy Landry – HomeSellers

We were not very hopeful at first because we needed to sell our house quickly in order to claim the corporate relocation incentives from the company I worked for but Ryan sealed the deal in 17 days. Luck may have been on his and our side but I think it was also due to his hard work and the listing package he had for us. I have referred a few co workers and they too are now in the same lovely community. Aga and Carlos Osterroth
– Home Sellers

Ryan got us a great deal on the house, I wish to thank him not only for that but also for the ethical professionalism he showed us in selling our home. The listing packaged gave us a stream of buyers and in no time at all, the perfect couple came along and he made them happy. I saw the highest ethical professionalism, care and enthusiasm and perhaps these are all qualities that have made you successful. Your team was also top notch, the professional photographer and the various consultants made a tremendous difference. I have recommended you to my friends and family. May you continue on and serve them as you have served me. Thomas Lemire – Home Seller

Ryan, thanks for everything. We visited your website a few times a week to check on different properties in Edmonton and when we were ready we made that phone call. Your commitment, professionalism and responsiveness to the one we picked was top notch but you surprised us with an even better home. My wife is SOOO much happier with the home you picked. Our kids should be happy here too, that is when we have them of course. Thanks dude. Janelle and Dan Stott – Home Buyers

Ryan is a sharp realtor and marketing your home becomes an easy task as he takes over everything. Sit back and in a few weeks your home becomes the happy home of others. I discovered Ryan through his website and I have yet to find a better resource for Edmonton properties on the web. Our home had numerous viewings thanks to his listing package. I would do it all over again if Ryan is on my side. Anna Decu – Home Seller

From the moment I spoke with Ryan, I felt a sense that I was with the right realtor. I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He helped me every step of the way. The listing package included professionals that prepared my home and I was even reluctant to sell after they did their job – it was just beautiful. Their work truly speaks of expertise and they were very nice people too. My gratitude goes to Ryan and his friends in business. I was so lucky to have stumbled onto his website.  Home Seller

Ryan did a wonderful job. He found the perfect condo for our daughter, working in Edmonton should be more convenient for her at this new home and the community is quite lovely too. She and I have already made plans for the holidays at the new condo. You mom must be very proud of you. Thank-you Ryan.  Home Buyers

Your attention to detail is just sublime. You understood our needs immediately and you took us with you every step of the way. The purchase was effortless on our part thanks to your hard work. My brother is moving to Edmonton for a new job and he should be getting in touch with you in a week. Please help him find a nice condo. Thank you. Home Buyers

After a few visits on his website, we contacted Ryan and he helped us find that perfect Edmonton condo for me and my girlfriend. She got hired by a local company and they were forking over the downpayment for a new condo. This is all good for now, but a few years down the line I will be buying us a 3 bedroom home with a big backyard when we get married. For that, it shall be Ryan and no one else.  Home Buyers 

With numerous commercial properties in my portfolio I was finding it hard to manage. Ryan was able to assist me in leasing my vacant space as it became available. Upon increasing our net operating income we put one of the properties for sale and received top dollar as a result of the return.” “Ryan made our property selling experience a stress free process. His skills coupled together with his down to earth personality made the process as enjoyable as it was financially rewarding. Thanks Ryan! Ray & Rhonda – Clients

“In the early stages of our search we were frustrated and making little ground towards purchasing our dream property. Ryan educated us on the ways of the mls system and other up-to-date technology, that made for quick access to new properties as they came up. From that point on our search was more focused and when we found the property we wanted, we saw it the same day and made an offer that night. We were successful in our attempt and we owe it all to Ryan. Don & Donna Lee – Edmonton